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Q. So, can I see current work you've been doing through social media channels?
A. Sure, we'd love for you to follow us on facebook, instagram and twitter. Just look for designsinpaper and you'll find us!

Q. What is your average turnaround time, from initial contact to shipment?
A. That all depends on you. The longest part of the process is you deciding what you want. Once you decide on a final design, our turnaround is 14 business days. If you need your invitations in less then 14 business days we have fees for that.

Q. Are you able to meet clients in person to showcase your product?
A. Yes! That is what we prefer to do. We'd love to have details about your event so we can make samples for our first meeting - it's a lot more fun and productive that way. If you’re not in the area, no big deal!  We can do PDFs and photos and even send you samples (for a small fee).

Q. What is the typical process I can expect as a customer?
A. What we like to do is get a general idea of what you as a customer want such as style, color, wording you may want, and event details that you would like to incorporate into the design. We’ll make some samples (that’s usually a week to 10 days depending on our schedule) and then we can either meet or email. We’ll make changes as needed. Once you love the samples, we’ll send a final proof. You’ll want to proof it – over and over again – and have your friends/mom/dad, etc. proof it and then give us final approval to print. We’ll need your final approval, quantity details and guest addresses (if we’re doing your invitation envelope addressing) before we put your job in our production queue. We do a 50% deposit as well – and then we’re all set to print! Our production and assembly time is 14 business days, so it’s not too long to wait.(rush schedules have additional fees and less time).

Q. What’s the most important thing I need to know about getting custom paper goods?
A. Proof-read, proof-read and proof-read again! We try so hard to be perfect, but we’re still human. It’s your responsibility to be sure that the content on your paper goods are all 100% correct. We’ll make sure things are aligned and such, but you’re part of the team for the content!

Q. Can I buy from Designs in Paper online?
A. Because we are a custom design company, we don’t sell pre-designed invitations online. We can, however, work with you through email using PDF files to create a design for you. We use standard US Postal Service for the final approval of your design.

Q. Do you accept Credit Cards for payment?
A. Yes! We accept most major credit cards.

Q. Do you offer letterpress or raised printing?
A. Yes, we offer those services. when we meet, we can go over those options as well as your design ideas.